iSpark Mentors

Internal Mentor 

Ms. Ooi Mee Leing

Department of Marketing, Faculty of Accountancy, Finance And Business

DipComm (TARC), MSc (City(UK)), CFP, MCIM, ACIS (CS) (CGP)

Mr. Ong Mor Yang

Department of Information Systems And Security, Faculty of Computing And Information Technology

AdvDipSc (TARC), BS (Campbell), CEMBA (WOU)

Major of Study/Specialization: Entrepreneurship, Information Engineering and Applied Informatics

Area of Interest:
Web Services, E-Commerce

Dr. Keong Chee Sheng

Division of Engineering And Science, Centre For Pre-University Studies

AdvDipSc (TARC), BS (Campbell), MEnvSc, PhD (OUM)

Major of Study/Specialization: Chemistry, Biology, Education Psychology, Innovation, TRIZ

Area of Interest: Applied chemistry & biology, innovation, education psychology, entrepreneurship, AI in Education, STEM teaching & learning, teacher training,

External Mentor 

Mr Ian John 

Business Mentor

Mr Ginz Ooi Qing Lin

Business Mentor & Technical Mentor 

Mr Vincent Hor 

Corporate Orient