iSpark Incubation Center

The Co-Working Space, Pitching Hall and Networking Lounge located at the iSpark Incubation Center, Level 5 & 6 of SA Block, East Campus, Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology, Kuala Lumpur Main Campus. Centre for Business Incubation and Entrepreneurial Ventures (CBIEV) houses co-working space, pitching hall, networking lounge, and meeting rooms. These are a vibrant and creative environment to learn, connect, and build business networking alongside


A well-equipped co-working spaces offer a range of facilities designed to meet the needs, includes: workstations and desks, internet connectivity, meeting and conference rooms.

Meeting and Conference Rooms 

Nice environment 

Dedicated desks 

Comfortable seating 


An area designed to host networking events, sharing sessions, or social gatherings.

Comfortable Seating Arrangements

Refreshment Area

Open layout 

Facilitate casual interactions, professional networking, and relaxation.


A specialized area designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals to present their ideas, products, or business plans, typically to the industry partners and potential investors.

Spacious and well-designed layout

Comfortable seating

Discussions and Seminars