iSpark Seminar Series                   

The series of seminars under the iSpark ecosystem designed to foster an entrepreneurial culture and nurture young entrepreneurs on campus.

Seminar Series I - iSpark Idea Pitching Mastery
This seminar is a part of the TAR UMT iSpark incubation program, a program which offers an enriching ecosystem to provide support, guidance, and funding for the iSpark project group.

What you’ll get from joining the seminar:
⭐️ How to transform ideas, projects, and assignments into business ideas.
⭐️ Ways to pitch to a target audience with high impact.

This seminar is for:
- The innovative entries to the iSpark.
- Aspire to be Entrepreneurs.
- Staff and Students.

Seminar Series II - Effective Communication for Entrepreneurs

This seminar is for:

- Communication for entrepreneurs,

- Identifying your communication style,

- Knowing your audience,

- Communication vs talk; Reaching your objective,

- Communication for success.

Seminar Series III - Master The Art Of Pitch Deck
Discover how to develop and showcase a successful pitch deck

Keep shining and captivating audiences with your pitches! 🚀 Stay tuned for more from iSpark!